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The Relational Lens

By Dale McCluskey

Mind and Body Kinetics Relational Training Guide

Available at http://www.k9pack.com

Clarity into what leadership, dominance, physical force and influence represents only comes by viewing dogs through the relational lens of nature “

Clarity as to what leadership, physical force, dominance and influence represents

beyond the debate, rhetoric and ideology only comes by viewing dogs through the

relational lens of nature. To see what leadership represents, and the role it plays

with influencing a dog’s decision making process, one must see dogs as the unique

relational beings they are. The reason why the science of dog training is all over

the map when it comes defining what dominance represents is based on this

relational disconnect. While many who align with learning ideology promote the

idea of being a good leader it is whitewashed clean of any connection to physical

force. The hardened positions connected to dominance and leadership are

motivated by emotion and an ideology rather than relational truth.

While many models incorporate correct influence within their methodology they

often miss the mark with influencing relational change based on the specific

methodology involved.



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