This one of a kind owner involved rehabilitation program is designed for owners who are experiencing severe behavior issues and require a higher level of attention and help.  While the Standard 2 Week Board and Training Program can be helpful for most situation this option is for owners who need to be directly involved in the process based on the dog gaining a higher level control in the relationship.  Owners can feel stressed, discouraged and feel like giving up based on failing with other systems of training and based on the intensity of what is happening.  This week long program offers the level of attention needed to bring the situation back from the edge while getting both dog and owner on the right path.  Some of the behavior issues the owner may be dealing with which this program provides help for include:

Aggression – Towards other people, dogs and situations.
Fear – Issues associated with fear / aggression
Anxiety and Stress
Other Problematic Behavior issues

This intensive 1 week program involves the owner staying near the training facility while participating in the onsite rehabilitation process under the direct supervision and guidance of the trainer.   Owners and dogs receive a high level of one on one attention daily during this program.  Additional days can be added if needed.

Fee $ 1800.00 per week

If you are interested in this option simply complete and submit the Online Form.