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Why Mainstream Dog Training Credentials are not worth the Paper they are written on

If the core tenant that 99 percent of dog trainers come into agreement at some level is flawed which both defines dog training as a learning based exercise and more specifically that a dog’s state of mind aligns at the physical response level than it would only make sense that there is a serious problem.  In fact you could say that the credentials many are using to promote this flawed narrative and script are not worth the paper they are written on.  Based on training being a relational changing process I find it interesting that the worse offenders of hijacking, exploiting and misrepresenting everything including their education, learning and the dominance issue to promote this narrative are those who refer to themselves as “behaviorists”.  This is the same group which attempts to marginalize and discredit anyone who challenges their agenda and motives.  No wonder the dog training world is in such a mess.  What motives this group to use their credentials and education to run quarter back for this ideology is based on exploiting the trust that the public typically reserves for those within the academic community.  This is where that trust has been misused and taken advantage of at the expense of many.  While many may not like what I show I simply put the facts out for all to see including the scripting problem associated with learning.  While what I show is fully transparent the same can’t be said for those who have nothing to gain and everything to lose once the curtain fully lifts on this issue.


Jeff Gellman’s Dog Training Motivational Speaking Tour sells out to an Ideology

What this system of training clearly shows is that training is a relational changing process rather than a learning based exercise.  The mainstream approach to building the response script via the learning based narrative is flawed based on how a dog’s decision making process is influenced at the relational level.  Those who assume that response always aligns with a dog’s state of mind are often making assumptions which are flat out wrong.  The motives which underpin response are not being assessed and put to the test.  The new standard has become based on appearances and how people feel about training.

Jeff Gellman’s recent evolving views represent what is wrong with balanced training as it relates to pinning down the real issue in the dog training world.   Considering that Cesar Millan is the mold from which many trainers including Gellman model themselves after it should come as no surprise regarding the constant morphing and shifting of positions.     Gellman claims that after meeting with a Dolphin trainer he came to understand that the issues associated with learning were more about timing than a problem with learning ideology and what it represents at the relational level.  For the record it has nothing to do with timing but rather how a dog’s decision making process is influenced and governed beyond appearances.   Those who consider themselves to be balanced trainers have no real handle on the problem therefore what guides their ship is more about the popular narrative of mainstream attitudes.  While Gellman is seeking to empower dog owners via his motivational cocktail which blends both Tony Robbins and Cesar Millan together it really isn’t about fixing the real problem.  Further if you going to get hate mail from the group of radical ideologues at least make sure your hated for the right reasons.