Within this system dog owners not only benefit from very reasonable fees but a relational system of training which takes the lead with providing lasting results. Fees are due on the day of and prior to commencement of training.

Onsite Training

2433 Sweetwater Blvd, St Cloud, Florida

$ 40.00 per session

Home Visit Help

St Cloud
$ 50.00 per Session

$ 60.00 per Session

$ 70.00 per Session

Melbourne / Palm Bay
$ 70.00 per Session

Skype Help
$ 75.00 Per Call (1 hour)

Includes review of videos

Board & Train Option
$ 1400.00 – 2 weeks

Food supplied by owner during stay.

Total amount due on drop off

**If using paypal payment must be made prior to drop off **

Service Dog Training
Initial Consultation
$ 30.00

Onsite Training (Phases)
$ 1600.00 per phase

Total Cost for Training ( 3 Phases )
$ 4800.00

Includes any additional training for lifetime of dog and yearly certifications

Protection Training

$ 2400.00 per Level

Total Cost (Level 3)

$ 7200.00

Includes lifetime monthly onsite maintenance training
** Payments can be made via Cash or Paypal **