Dog Trainer Course

This system of training offers an opportunity for a select few to become a trainer using
this one of a kind system of dog training.  The following represents the process / criteria for
becoming a Trainer within this System.  While part of this process can be completed via
Distance Training the potential applicant must also attend for in person one on one
Masters Leadership Certification
The journey to becoming a trainer within this one of a kind system starts with achieving
Masters Leadership Certification.  It would make sense that the ability to explain and help
others understand a system while transferring the required skill set should come from
someone who has taken that journey themselves at a high level.  If the goal of the individual
is to express interest in becoming a trainer than the potential trainer applicant will need to
work with a dog in need of a higher level of relational change.
Express Interest in Becoming a Trainer within this System
During the journey within the Certification Process the interested applicant needs to express
their desire to become a trainer within this system.
Once the potential applicant has achieved Masters Leadership Certification an interview is
scheduled to discuss the next step in the process etc.
Contractual / Fee Agreement
Based on the developmental aspect of this system including the need for long term support
this certification is based on a contractual / fee agreement.
Mentoring Dog Trainer Certification Program
Dog Trainer Certification
Membership Association of Dog Training Professionals
Ongoing Support