Dog Training Wars



By Dale McCluskey

It seems things are really starting to ramp up lately in the ideological war happening within the Dog Training World. With the recent prong collar ban happening in Toronto, Canada the conversation has only intensified regarding what is happening and why.  While I have often pulled back from the conversation due to the level of divisiveness and personal attacks I have offered a unique perspective regarding the reasons for the ongoing dog training war as well as where this is all heading.  The real issue regarding why this is happening is directly associated with the process itself.  It is important to understand that the majority of dog trainers either approach training as a full blown learning based exercise (pure positive) or a middle of the road one (balanced).  While balanced trainers know there is a problem via the pure positive ideology they are unable to define the real issue.  Their ability to reconcile the use of certain devices within the process itself as well as the role of “corrections” and or “discipline” has allowed the pure positive group to stream roll forward via device bans as well as continue to market this ideology as eye candle to the public.

In October 2016 I had made a prediction that the level of divisiveness, confusion and anger would increase even as more owners struggled in their relationship with their dogs.  The collision course was already laid out based on certain dynamics within the parameters of this ideology.  At a certain point the question will be asked as to what the process represents.  The issue of accepting certain facts as well as making certain trade offs is problematic based on the process that Mainstream Dog Training has embraced including balanced trainers.  As the Dog Training War ramps up as it is guaranteed to do I would encourage anyone seeking answers regarding the real reason as well as what the process represents to check out the information I put forward.    


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