Why Balanced Dog Training is part of the Problem

If there is a better way to approach training my question is why wouldn’t you do it ? The problem as I see it with many so called balanced trainers is that there is nothing in it for them.  While they promote the narrative that they care about dogs it appears that what really matters is fueling their own ego.  If people are going to not like what you stand for than at least know what your talking about.  Balanced trainers are being overrun because they are coming into agreement with the very problem which is creating the mess in the first place.  They are entertaining training as a learning based exercise within their narrative rather than strictly a relational changing process.  While they are going to be more successful than treat and clicker trainers who pivot of learning theory in the end they are not doing themselves any favors.  Those who claim that there is more than one way to train a dog are basing this statement on appearances.     Just like the issue of appearances as it relates to the scripting issue which is a direct result of approaching training as a learning based exercise balanced trainers are seeking fleeting fame and applause.  Mainstream dog training is the problem.  Balanced trainers are really no better than food and clicker trainers in the end.  If your not identifying the real issue your not part of the solution.   Balanced trainers attempting to respond to the learning based narrative are unable to pin down the real issue.  This radical ideology continues to shake off the lame offensive mounted by so called balanced trainers who more focused on being popular.  The radical ideology will only continue to advance and overrun everyone and everything until the real issue gets exposed.  The UK is already being consumed by this mess.  Those who are promoting dog training as a learning based exercise are suffering from an identity crisis and have no interest in making trade offs.  If they were it would have happened long ago before they blamed the first dog and sold out.  When you consider that those who are enduring the wrath of this radical group of ideologues are not identifying the real issue and in fact coming into agreement with the problem it makes one ponder what they are really offended about.  No wonder the dog training world is in such a mess.        


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